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Omni-Inbox Communication

Manage and respond to your customer interactions across multiple platforms through our integrated omni-inbox.

Calendar Synchronization

Organize your business schedules with DAIS Calendar Synchronization, ensuring you never miss an important meeting.

Business Automation

Auto-assign tasks, send messages to Slack, SMS, social and much more. Now  power up with hundreds of new workflow templates to help you get started.

AI Support

Watch your business thrive with our AI-assisted support and automatic sales booking capabilities.

Lead Tracking

Monitor your potential clients closely and determine the success of your marketing campaigns with our impeccable lead tracking.

Prospect Nurturing

Influence the decision of your potential customers positively with our sophisticated prospect nurturing system.

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All-in-One Marketing Automation and AI Platform

At DAIS, we offer a comprehensive SAAS that combines cutting-edge marketing automation and AI technology. With our omni inbox feature, you can seamlessly communicate with your contacts across multiple channels, including SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and webchat. Our integrated calendars allow you to effortlessly schedule appointments and meetings, while our powerful dashboards, pipelines, and automation tools help you track, nurture, and close prospects. With AI capabilities built-in, our platform can learn your business and provide web chat support, lead qualification, and even assist in sales booking

Automate your workflows

Take command over your lead management procedures.  With the power of workflows, you can automate tasks and business processes, making lead management more effective and less laborious. Utilizing interactive dashboards and pipelines, you can seamlessly observe your leads' progression and strategize accordingly. Add AI technology into the mix for  advanced efficiency levels.

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Pipeline and Opportunity Mastery

Craft tailor-make pipelines to fit your unique requirements. Track, nurture and close business like never before using workflows to automate various stages.

Streamlined Lead Management

Take control of your lead management process. Our platform provides a range of features to help you effectively track, nurture, and close prospects. With intuitive dashboards and pipelines, you can easily monitor the progress of your leads and take action accordingly. Our AI technology adds an extra layer of efficiency, learning from your business and providing valuable insights to improve your lead management strategy. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace streamlined lead management with DAIS

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Omni box: The all in one customer inbox

Our omni inbox feature at DAIS is designed to offer streamlined communication for your business. It allows you to interact with your contacts across multiple mediums with ease, all from one centralized inbox. This includes communication via SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and webchat channels. Whether you're reaching out via social media or direct messaging, the omni inbox ensures seamless connectivity with your contacts. With the option to add Ai to automate responds

Email Builder

Take charge of your email management process with DAIS. Our platform offers an array of features designed to streamline everything from newsletters and welcome emails to appointment reminders and invoices. With an intuitive drag and drop UI, creating and designing emails has never been simpler. 

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Engage your website visitors like never before with DAIS's built-in AI-powered web chat support. Our platform comes equipped with intelligent algorithms that can learn about your business and provide personalized assistance to your customers. Whether it's answering queries, qualifying leads, or even completing sales bookings, our web chat support is there to enhance the customer experience and increase conversions. Say hello to a proactive and responsive support system that acts as an extension of your business

Review and Reputation Management

Harness the power of DAIS to garner 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and more. Our platform offers a suite of features tailored to automate the process and track your business's feedback with precision. With user-friendly dashboards, you can effortlessly monitor customer reviews and take action where necessary. Our AI technology enhances this process by learning from your business patterns and providing useful insights to refine your review management strategy. Bid farewell to tedious manual feedback tracking and embrace an automated, efficient process.

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Calendar Sync and Customer Booking

Our platform facilitates seamless calendar management and appointment scheduling across various channels, including SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and webchat. You can sync your schedules effortlessly with Google, Microsoft, and iCloud for broader reach and convenience. Moreover, our platform also allows for the direct set-up of diverse types including round-robin, service-based, room, or equipment bookings.

Featuring a centralized communication hub, our omni inbox, you can smoothly interact with your contacts.


Tap into DAIS's power to manage invoices, proposals, and contracts seamlessly with digital signatures, orders, product tracking, and even coupon management. Our platform is engineered with a suite of features to streamline these procedures and track your business transactions accurately. With intuitive dashboards, you can easily oversee your business dealings and take immediate action when needed. 

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Expert Marketing Advice and Education

With DAIS, you not only gain access to a comprehensive marketing automation and AI platform but also benefit from our expertise and professional services. Our team of marketing experts is here to provide you with valuable advice, best practices, and educational resources to help you make the most out of our platform. We understand the challenges businesses face in the digital landscape, and our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Trust DAIS for expert guidance on your marketing journey

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